Charlotte Marrison

Because of a wheat intolerance I was diagnosed with fifteen years ago, I started creating delicious wheat free treats from home, out of which was born my new business

“Homemade Healthy Treats”

I sold my biscuits and granola once a week on a Waldorf Farmers market in Stellenbosch and was one of the first vendors at the Neighbor Goods Market at the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town when it started.

Markets are very rewarding but working every weekend eventually took its toll and it was with great relief, whilst on The Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC, that I was approached by retail outlets and so the next leg of the “Homemade” journey began.

Over the last fifteen years my passion for good health has led me to pursue creating a product range that includes a genuine high quality alternative for wheat intolerant sufferers, gluten free, low sugar, raw and “banting “ friendly seekers.

I am also passionate about giving back to the community. As the business grew I took on staff whom I have personally trained . I have helped to upskill women who thought they could only aspire to being domestic workers. These ladies take great pride in what they have learnt to make and it is wonderful to see the growth in their confidence and self- esteem.

I provide a happy and energized work environment where life is fast paced and exciting and through growing the business all our families benefit.

We partner with health shops, delis, tourist outlets ,consumer and online stores that invest in the needs of those who lead a healthy life style.

I am blessed to have the full support of my family especially my husband Gary who is there for me tirelessly every day, my son, Dane who has invested his time, creative ideas and resources to help me develop Homemade. Gary involves himself helping, fixing, building and making whatever it is that we need. One of his hobbies is beekeeping, so he also supplies me with raw honey for our products! What a man!!!

Together we make an awesome team that is happy and enthusiastic to supply the needs of our customers.

Ntombesine Mxunyelwa

More than twenty Twenty years ago ,I came to work as a part time domestic in Charlotte’s house.

When Charlotte started her baking business from home she employed me full time to help her .

As the business grew, Charlotte taught me how to bake the granola and biscuits she was making.

I have been the full time baker for the last fifteen years.

I am married and live in Langa with my husband and son. I have gained much experience working at Homemade.

"Ntombesine has been a part of my life for over twenty years. She is gentle , hard working and very loyal. She is an integral part of this business.” Charlotte Marrison"

Gcobisa Guda

I come from Nqgamakhwe near Butterworth in the Eastern Cape.

I came to work in Charlotte’s home twice a week as a domestic. This was my first job.

I wasn’t working long before Charlotte’s business started growing and she decided to teach me how to make the seed bars .

I make all the seed bars and I oversee the production and packing of the orders.

I have been with homemade since 2006.

I live in Phillipi with my husband and two small children.

"Gcobisa is a cheerful , reliable and most valued member of the Homemade Team. She is always eager to learn and ready to serve .” Charlotte Marrison"

Lindiwe Ntozinzima

I joined the ‘ Homemade’ team in 2016.

I was working as a cashier, doing shift work seven days a week. Charlotte met me and offered me a job in her baking business. She had developed two new products that were selling well and she needed more help.

I had to learn fast!!

I make the Energy Bites ,Seed crackers and Health Rusks and I do all the chocolate coating and packaging and labeling.

This has been the best job I have ever had.

I come from Willomore in the Eastern Cape. I am a single mom and live in Phillipi with my teenage daughter.

"Lindiwe is the energy in our team. She is enthusiastic , has a very cheerful nature, loves learning and has great dreams for her future.” Charlotte Marrison"